Book Promo: Crush Your Week @emilylcounts


This is a different kind of book review for me.  One thing I need in my life is a way to become more organized!  This book is so awesome…it draws out a plan to help control your time and energy.  Being a mother, working full-time, and book review blogger I find myself struggling to prioritize my goals and tasks.  This book is helping me conquer the struggles.  Emily Counts draws out a plan with fabulous quotes and very easy to follow instructions.  The colors are gorgeous and the charts are very easy to use and comprehend.

I discovered Emily’s blog while browsing the internet for ideas on navy blue master bedrooms (I’m currently re-decorating mine in my spare time [what’s that?!]).  She completed a decorating challenge and the outcome was amazing.  I now am an avid reader of her blog and love the ideas she has.

I highly recommend Crush Your Week!  

Buy your copy here!

Check out Emily’s blog here!

FAQ’s with the author

1. What is Crush Your Week and why would it be helpful for me?
Crush Your Week is a systemic approach to designing your weekly routine. The actionable content and helpful worksheets will guide you through the entire step-by-step process. The result? A weekly routine personalized to your unique life that sets aside time for all of your responsibilities while also carving out time to work toward your biggest goals. Crush Your Week includes an 80-page ebook plus a workbook with all of the worksheets for easy reference again and again.

2. When will Crush Your Week be available so I can get started?
I’m so glad you asked! It will be available, Wednesday, January 4th at 8:00 a.m. Eastern/7:00 a.m. Central over at

3. What will Crush Your Week cost?
The launch price is $15. That price will increase after the launch period, so you’ll get the best deal by purchasing early!

4. How is Crush Your Week different from your free five-day e-course?
The Crush Your Week ebook is a comprehensive system for designing a weekly routine. It includes 80 pages of actionable content and worksheets. The book goes much more in depth on each subject and includes steps of the process that aren’t discussed in the free e-course.

My free five-day e-course is a crash course into organizing your weekly routine. It will give you a taste of my planning methods and is a short overview of some of the subjects included in the book. If you haven’t taken the ecourse, you are welcome to sign up here. The course is a good starting point, while the book is much more thorough and advanced.

5. Is this a physical book? Will it be shipped?
This is a 100% digital product. You will receive PDF files of the book and workbook to download immediately after purchasing. The book comes with a print release in case you’d like to have it printed at an office supply store or print shop. You could also print the worksheets out on your home printer and read the book digitally. It’s really up to you!



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