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Thank you for joining me today Phil! I’d like to get to know you a little bit better, away from the writing side of your life, could you please tell me more about you . . .

  • Years Ago

I had a regular upbringing. Great parents and siblings. There was never any interest in books and writing growing up. I spent most of my time up the Lickey Hills though. These hills and forests are a large part of the book, and sequel(s). As I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, I was fascinated with horror books and movies. I still remember my brother Mike, reading Salem’s Lot under his duvet, bricking himself.

  • Your Family

I met Angie at work, nine years ago. We hit it off pretty quickly. She’s South African, which gave us instant common ground, as I’d travelled to that part of the world years before. We’ve been married for six years now. Our two sons, Thomas (5) and Jake (2) are a huge part of our lives. Life is pretty full on for the two of us, managing work and family life, but it’s great. Our boys are very loving (most of the time) and make all the struggles worth it (most of the time).

  • Your Work

I work for a logistics company as a Health & Safety Manager. The Phil that goes off to work is very different from the Phil that creates parallel universes, filled with vampires. My job is very full on too, which has meant that my writing has tailed off recently. I do find the time to write though. Mainly when the kids are asleep. No matter what job I do, I will always make time to write. It’s in my blood now.

  • Your Hobbies

Aside from writing and reading, I’m kinda hobby free at the moment. Life doesn’t give me much recreational time. Can I count white wine as a hobby?

  • Your Future

More writing. More working. No more children though. I’m working on two books at the moment, with another planned for 2018. As a family, we’d like to move further out into the countryside. Maybe then I can concentrate more on writing. Obviously, I’d love to get snapped up by a publisher. I suppose that is the ultimate goal, but I’m also realistic, knowing that I may continue as a full blown Indie. What will be, will be.


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