Review: Ninety-Nine by Elisheba Haxby & Jess Rivas

99Title: Ninety-Nine 
Author: Elisheba Haxby and Jess Rivas
Pub. Date: 9/15/2016

Series: None
Genre: Literature & Fiction; Christian Fiction 

Are there places too dark for love to reach?

Darkness has shrouded Tamara’s life as long as she can remember. After one more “love of her life” shatters her heart, she’s on the run, desperate to flee the pain—and the state. A hundred miles of driving and something strange is happening. The number 99 is haunting her.

When an unexpected breakdown leaves her stranded in Vancouver at the Highway 99 Diner, it feels like a sign, but will she find a new beginning or the same old patterns? Stuck for a time, Tamara faces the reality that running doesn’t lead to freedom, but cost far more. Will she allow the truth to set her free, or go the way of the familiar and risk losing it all?

My Review:  4/5

When I requested this book from Netgalley, I was thinking it was a completely different type of genre.  I thought it was more of a thriller with possibly a stalker, hence seeing the number ’99’ everywhere.  I was completely wrong, and somewhat pleasantly surprised.  It turned out to be a Christian-Fiction book that I ended up enjoying.  Normally I read darker psychological thriller and I never read Christian books.  I’m not sure why that is, but maybe because I always keep my religion and faith private and within the surroundings of my family.

This book was about the struggles a person has, but not regarding faith (or at least it seems that way).  Tamara comes from a broken family.  She is in her early 20s and going nowhere fast, blaring the radio to Prince’s “Party Like It’s 1999”, escaping her cheating boyfriend, when her car suddenly breaks down.  Out comes Joe, a very handsome gentleman, who fixes her car and refuses to accept any payment in return.  She is about to drive off when she notices the diner across the street where Joe came from…99 Diner, on Highway 99.  She takes these signs as an omen and decides to live in the small town.  Fast forward a year later and she is a waitress at the diner with Joe, and they have become very close friends.

Tamara struggles every day to overcome her past from her abusive father, and failing relationships with boyfriends.  She has a constant gloomy cloud above her head.  One very bad decision causes her life to take a downward turn.  However, throughout all of the pain and agony, she fights to move forward.

Although I found the book to be predictable (the reason for the 4 stars), it was an enjoyable read.  The characters are very likable.  Tamara has dealt with pain, but strives to move past it.  I enjoyed watching her grow and become a stronger woman.  The Christian aspects weren’t ‘in your face’ preaching.  It was very subtle, and just enough to have me reflect on my own faith at times.

*** Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a copy of the book for my honest and unbiased review.


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