Review: Star Struck @authorMMichelle

starTitle: Star Struck
Author: Meredith Michelle
Pub. Date: 12/20/2016

Series: None
Genre: Romance / Choose Your Own Adventure


You are Anna Chambliss, a beautiful A-list actress engaged to a gorgeous Hollywood star. Life is beyond perfect—until you wake one morning to find tabloid headlines proclaiming that your fiancé is cheating on you. How do you react? Your love life, your career, and your future happiness all depend on what you choose to do—and who you do it with.
Will your engagement crumble in public scandal? 
Do you seek out a sexy new leading man? Enjoy a night of mind-blowing bliss with a near stranger?
Or do you find your soul mate away from the spotlight’s glare? 
Every decision you make has consequences, some steamy, some dangerous. Follow your destiny from movie sets to glittering premieres to glamorous vacation spots—and always remember: life in the fast lane can include all kinds of juicy detours. The choice is yours…

My Review: 3/5

Growing up I read Choose Your Own Adventure books all the time.  I would spend hours choosing one way to go, then going back and choosing a different way, changing up the entire story.  When I was offered to read this new Choose Your Own Adventure book, I jumped at it!

Let’s just say choosing your own adventure on ebook doesn’t quite work.  I was so disappointed as I chose a new adventure and couldn’t find the page number to go to because of the way my kindle works.  I ended up flipping through the pages trying to find the heading that said “Continued from page…”.  It made it absolutely impossible to read.  I ended up just reading it like a normal book, trying to make sense of the storyline.

The story itself was fun.  If this were in a printed format I think I would have enjoyed it much more.  If you’re going to read it, opt for the printed version instead of the ebook.

Thank you to Theresa Sutton at NG Media.


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