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About the Book

Evan O’Cleary was in college when she spent a passionate 48 hours with up-and-coming baseball star Jesse Walsh. But after he broke her heart, she vowed to never see him again. So why does her heart leap when she runs into him ten years later?

Jesse not only abandoned Evan, but also his dream of becoming a major league baseball player when his brother died in Iraq. Shattered by the loss, Jesse turns inward. He refuses to commit to more than a one-night stand, until he sets eyes on Evan again, whose body still draws him dangerously near…

Evan knows better than to trust Jesse, but when he protects her against an abusive ex-turned-stalker, one thing leads to another and she finds herself in a delicious encounter on his living room floor. Jesse may not be willing to commit just yet, but maybe Evan can break down the wall. As she gets close, though, Evan uncovers a devastating secret that could destroy their families and drive them apart forever.

My Review: 4/5

This is a romance between Evan and JB (Jessie), two very strong characters.  JB is a baseball player who came close to making it in the major leagues.  Evan is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion and stand on her own.  Together they can be like oil and water.

Except they aren’t.  Flashback 10 years ago when they meet for the first time.  After spending two unforgettable nights together, unspeakable circumstances keep them from seeing each other again.  When the meet up in present time, their chemistry is real, but can they move on from the past?

I enjoyed reading about these two.  I loved Evan and JB.  I couldn’t wait to find out what secrets they both held…and could they over come them and be together?  There were minor characters that I liked just as much as Evan and JB.  Evan’s brother Liam is the strong, protective twin that you can’t help but love.

I’m fortunate to be part of the blog tour for this book…I still can’t believe it’s the author’s debut novel!  There is so much depth in the storyline and characters.  I highly recommend!

Tour Schedule

February 7 – Kristin’s Novel Café

February 8 – Chick Lit Plus

February 9 – The Coffeeholic Bookworm

February 10 – Chick Lit Goddess

February 10 – Jersey Girl Book Reviews


Author Bio

Cheryl Rosenberg, writing as C.F. Rose to protect the innocent, is a sportswriter turned romance writer. When she’s away from her laptop, you can find her at the gym or serving as her kids personal uber driver. She grew up on the East Coast, but survives in too-sunny Southern California with her husband, the three kids and two rescued mutts.The Whole Man is her first book.




Twitter: @cherylrosenbrg





2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: The Whole Man @cherylrosenbrg @chicklitplus

    1. You’re welcome! I really enjoyed the slight element of suspense. I found myself reading faster wanting to find out what happened with JB’s father! Great book; still can’t believe it’s your first. 🙂


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