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I’m so excited to be part of the Blog Tour for Jennifer Gilmour’s new book, Isolation Junction!  I had the pleasure of having Ms Gilmore take a break and answer a few questions.  Read below and learn more about this amazing author!  Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!

What is the most important item you require for a quiet night in?

Someone to lock away my laptop and phone so that I don’t get distracted by social media. Add in a cold bottle of white wine (preferably Sauvignon Blanc) and a good film followed by an absorbing book to read in bed.

Is it best to always tell the truth or is it sometimes better to tell a little white lie?

People who know me know that I can be too honest at times but because some of my past was filled with white lies and half-truths I made the decision to be nothing but honest. Been honest and voicing it is different and over the last few years I have gained confidence in myself to voice my honest opinion. However, whether people like it or not and it may sound brutal but friends find it refreshing because I will tell them my opinion about their outfit when they ask- it comes down to simple things as well as bigger thoughts.

I always think it is better to tell the truth, people only end up getting hurt if they find out you haven’t told the truth.

What’s your signature dish?

I would have to say my spaghetti bolognese. It may sound ordinary and unoriginal but it has never failed to please! My mum often made this dish and added certain ingredients which made the dish her own.  I began by helping her and it was the first meal I cooked on my own when I was 16.

Even though I say it myself, I also make an amazing chocolate cake with buttercream. Again, my mum had taught me this and it was my first dessert that I was confident enough to present to guests.

Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook, why?

Facebook. this is because I can find my connections easier and a lot more people I am connected with are on Facebook. I have however become more into Twitter since opening my author profile on there as there seems to be a fantastic community of authors, bloggers, readers and connectors. @JenLGilmour

Which book character do you wish you had written?

I just love Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and the reason is that she is so similar to me, the library and studying, the love of close friends and education. I love how she never sways from what she knows and her morels.

Why did you choose your particular genre?

Fiction allowed me to go freely with the characters and the plot line, it’s based on true events and it is not a biography. At first this was hard and I felt restricted but then one day I woke up after a week of talking to other victims and some research and the plot had thickened. I have a lot of kept notes still.

If you had to write in a different genre, which would you choose?

Most likely a thriller because I love to watch and read thrillers and even though I do see it as a challenge to write I can imagine its rather fun and exciting.

What’s the worst thing about writing a book?

The worry that it won’t be liked by readers and that it hasn’t done the job you’ve intended it to.  This includes if you have gotten the balance on emotion and because my novel is about a taboo subject it was important I wove through romance and some comedic moments, but will this be seen or will the initial topic of the book put people off?

What’s the best thing about writing a book?

It allowed me escapism from what was happening in my life at the time, I managed to channel many emotions I was struggling to handle. I loved how I was in control of the story and plot line when in reality I wasn’t in control of the outcome’s. I find it hard to enjoy freedom of choice but I was able to make the choices for the characters in the book and this helped me see that I am able to make choices. It also gave me a sense of purpose and I enjoyed writing for a reason.

If you could be anyone for the day, who would you be?

Focusing on the topic I am passionate about and domestic abuse I would like to be Theresa May for the day and amend and implement the national policies that are currently in place that prevent conviction of a perpetrator. Although the new law for coercive control is in place there still needs work to support this such as introducing an intensive training policy for the national services so that they are trained about how to recognise this behaviour. This would include the police, justice system, family courts, Surestart Centres and even children’s services like CAFCAS who all work to assess residency and access to children. I have no doubt that training does take place but the level of understanding needs to be improved. I would also like to see more education in schools regarding healthy and unhealthy relationships.


See the article in the local paper – Hull Daily Mail – Full page:

See other articles and press appearances via:


Married mum of three, writes first novel to raise awareness of the unseen side of domestic abuse/coercive control.

Local mother and business owner, Jennifer Gilmour, has spent the past eighteen months writing her first novel with the aim of not only raising awareness of this insidious behaviour which brings hidden misery to so many but of bringing about changes at a national level.  A ‘survivor’ herself, Jennifer is well aware that changes to national policies and working practices are needed so that situations in which women (and men) present in emotionally abusive situations are recognised and dealt with appropriately and with compassion. Jennifer believes that particular training needs to be focused on recognising the perpetrators of this behaviour, as often they are very persuasive people who are  able to manipulate the services themselves.

Jennifer’s Huffington Post article went into more depth about life after domestic abuse and living with the unseen ‘bruises’. She states that, “This is why it is important that not only are the agencies well equipped to recognise abuse and coercive control but that there is support to protect those at risk as well.  I was lucky to be supported by Hull DAP, which takes on medium risk cases as well as high risk cases. In many parts of the UK. This is not the case.”

Jennifer’s book follows the story of Rose who is stuck in an abusive and coercive relationship referred to as Isolation Junction.  After years of emotional abuse, the self doubt about her future and the erosion of her confidence, Rose takes a stand.  Finding herself alone, penniless and frightened Rose wonders how she will ever escape from the situation to provide a better life for herself and her children.  With 100 reasons to leave and 1000 reasons why she perceives she can’t – will she have the courage to do it? And will she find the support to regain control and confidence?

Jennifer Gilmour was born and educated in Hull before moving south to attend university. Now happily living in her home city with her husband, three children and a hamster she runs an Internet business (Blissful Gifts and Services) and is a top performing Consultant for Jamberry.


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