Author Spotlight: Jennifer Sivec @JenniferSivec @Star_Bound_Book

I am so excited and honored to feature author Jennifer Sivec on my blog.  She is the writer of The Eva Series books.  While I haven’t had a chance to read them, they are at the TOP of my TBR list.  Read below, where Jennifer shares what inspired her to write Leaving Eva (the first in the series).

When I began thinking about Leaving Eva, my youngest son was only two. He had been lying in his crib sleeping, and I was standing over him, watching him and marveling as I often did. But this time, watching my sleeping boy struck a different chord inside, one that had been dormant for a long time.

From an early age, he’s always been my mini-me, in every way. As I stared at his dark hair and olive skin, amazed at his perfection, I began to see myself. I realized that he was only slightly younger than I had been when I was abandoned. I couldn’t imagine under any circumstances, leaving this helpless and vulnerable baby to fend for himself in the elements as I had been. With this revelation, something inside of me broke but as I had always done, I sealed it back up and tucked it away deep down, and got on with life. I committed to loving my children and ignored the pain that hovered just below the surface.

Then a couple of years later when personal tragedy struck and the pain in my life was undeniable, a little dark-haired girl named Eva whispered in my ear and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Thinking about her stopped me from thinking about the own chaos that was running rampant in my own life and writing her story, saved me from myself. I’m convinced that writing this tragically beautiful story about a girl who was abandoned, abused, and afraid to love, pulled me out of my own depression and personal disaster. Focusing on her pain, took away my own and giving her life, helped me make sense of mine.

While the series took on it’s own becoming far more than I ever imagined, it began with Eva, and I will always be grateful. Because of her, writing is no longer an option, and I get to write beautifully broken stories like hers. Themes of love, loss, reliance, and abandonment resonate throughout my stories, and as a writer, I can breathe and value my life because of the words I’m able to put on the page.

I’m so happy that I listened to that whisper from a little girl named Eva. Because of her, I am finally free.

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for sharing your inspiration.  To connect with the author, click on one of the links below:

Jennifer’s Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram  |  Amazon

Be sure to also check out Jennifer’s books!  Featured below is the Eva Series on Amazon.


Buy it on Amazon HERE



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