Author Spotlight: Theresa Braun @tbraun_author

Today I’d like to welcome author Theresa Braun to my blog!  Read below as she answers two questions about her writing.  Also, be sure to check out her latest book ‘Dead Over Heels’ (link to buy is below).

How did I become a writer?

I’ve always been interested in stories. My parents read all kinds of things to me when I was a little girl. I kept asking why all the children’s books based on the Bible were only about boys. As a result, my parents went out of their way to write a collection of stories about Biblical women. That really made an impression on me. It was so cool to see a concept become a book. A few years later, my parents started their own publishing company. There were many occasions when I helped out, collating pages for a client’s publication. To watch the production of someone’s manuscript become a finished product was so fascinating to me.

All throughout my youth, my parents were pretty liberal about letting me read whatever I wanted, including some really dark young adult novels and some supernatural encyclopedias on the occult. I’ve been interested in dark literature since forever, so to speak. Later, my English teachers, especially in high school, were the most inspirational. Many of them were able to make fiction come alive through discussion. I studied literature in college where I had even more enthusiastic professors. They motivated me to minor in creative writing.

So after all that, recently, I’ve decided to seriously pursue a writing career. I push myself to read current authors and read lots of books on the craft of writing. I also have a really great writing group. We push each other to edit and submit our work.

What inspires me?

I find inspiration everywhere. Lots of times I’ll hear something on the news or the radio and it sparks an idea. Real life is a constant source of material, too. I’ll write something down a couple of times a week, something that I see during the day, a friend tells me about, or that happens to me. Dreams are another great source. For some reason, I get random ideas in the shower. It’s either the fact that I’m not quite awake yet, or that the water has some kind of ability to connect me to whatever it is that blesses me with ideas. Then, I like to bounce these ideas off of my friends and the members of my writing group. It’s so much fun to let my imagination go crazy; and talking about it with others seems to magnify the enjoyment of it all. I can’t wait to see where my next idea takes me…

We also can’t wait to see where your next idea takes you.  Thank you so much, Theresa for stopping by my blog today!

author pic

dead over heels

Buy her book HERE





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