Review: Eden’s Wish @mtaracrowl


Title: Eden’s Wish
Author:  M. Tara Crowl
Pub. Date:  9/1/2015

Series: Book 1
Genre: YA (Middle School)


All twelve years of Eden’s life have been spent in an antique oil lamp. She lives like a princess inside her tiny, luxurious home, but to Eden, the lamp is nothing but a prison. She hates being a genie. All she wants, more than anything, is freedom. When Eden finds a gateway to Earth inside the lamp, she takes her chance. In a moment, she’s entered the world she loves. And this time, she won’t be sent back after three wishes. Posing as the new kid at a California middle school, Eden revels in all of Earth’s pleasures—but quickly learns that this world isn’t as perfect as she always thought it was. Eden soon finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old conflict between powerful immortals. A ruthless organization run by a former genie will stop at nothing to acquire the lamp and its power—including hurting Tyler and Sasha, the mortal friends who have given Eden a home. To save her friends—and protect the magic of the lamp—Eden will have to decide once and for all where she belongs.

Please join me in welcoming my daughter Sara!  She read Eden’s Wish for a book report.  Below is my interview with her describing how she felt about the book.

Sara’s Review:  4.5/5

Describe your favorite character in Eden’s Wish.  My favorite character, her name was Sasha.  She’s very friendly, and when Eden came up to San Francisco’s beach, Sasha and her brother Tyler helped her get through life as a 12 year-old girl.

Was this book a fast or slow read?  The book was probably in the middle…at times it was slow, but other times it was really fast.

What was your favorite thing about the book?  My favorite thing about the book was probably that I could relate to it.

How so?  Sometimes I could feel trapped in a genie bottle, like how Eden was trapped.  And sometimes I just want to be free.

Describe how you are trapped in relation to Eden.  Eden’s masters had a lot of rules for her.  All she wanted to do was explore the world outside the genie.  At times, I feel my parents have too many rules for me.

Eh-hem….well then.  Moving on to the next question… What emotions did you feel while reading the book?  I felt sad, excited, happy, relieved, fascinated, confused, and sometimes shocked.

Wow!  That’s a wide range of emotions!  Was there anything you didn’t like about the book?  Not really.

I noticed you rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.  How come you didn’t give it a perfect 5?  Well, nothing’s perfect…the book was awesome, but not perfect.

Tough critic!  Would you recommend Eden’s Wish to your friends?  Yes!

That’s awesome!  Thank you again, Sara, for joining me on my blog.  Readers, can I just tell you how EXCITED I am that she loved reading this book??!?!



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