Her View/His View – A New Blog Series

Lately I’ve been trying to think of something new and different to post on my blog.  As you know, my blog consists of book reviews, promos, and the occasional Author spotlight.  I don’t have any posts that deviate from those (except my yearly goals published in January).  I was discussing this with my husband, Chad, last night and he came up with an idea.

Starting next month, I am going to do a monthly post called “Her View/His View”.  It is going to feature one book, with reviews from the both of us.  Why is this interesting or unique you might ask?  Well, Chad and I have completely different tastes in books.  My genre is more psychological thriller (the more demented the better), and some romance/chick lit for a change of scenery.  Chad tends to read more fantasy (think elves, goblins, fictional worlds).

Some of my favorites:
Some of Chad’s favorites:

Neither one of us are even remotely interested in the genres the other person reads.  However, we are both huge bookworms and can often be found at night in our home with complete silence, except for the clicking of our kindles and the occasional bark from our dog or meow from one of our cats.  This is, of course, only when my step-son is out with his friends, and my daughters and step-daughter are with their other parents.  Otherwise the house is complete and udder chaos! 🙂

We are going to start out the month of April with a book of my choosing.  I will most likely choose a book from my Netgalley pile since I really need to start getting through those and work towards the not-ever-obtainable 80%.  I’m not sure which book I’m going to choose, but I want it to be a good one…one that is a fast-paced, heart-wrenching, edge of your seat thriller.  Suggestions are definitely welcome!!  We will post our reviews by the end of the month.  Then, in May we will read a book of his choosing….so on and so forth.

I am so excited to start this new ‘series’ on my blog!  Not only will it introduce me to a genre that I’ve never had an interest in, it will allow Chad and me to share extra quality time together…something that is hard to come by in the hectic world of life.

I hope you enjoy the posts.  Stay tuned!!  🙂


9 thoughts on “Her View/His View – A New Blog Series

  1. What a fun idea! My husband is a big nonfiction guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just prefer the fictional world. I look forward to the reviews 😊


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