Review: Bad Disciples: The Pie Night Chronicles @tiffanychartier #Review


Title: Bad Disciples: The Pie Night Chronicles
Author:  Tiffany Kaye Chartier
Pub. Date:  4/1/2017

Series: None
Genre: Christian Fiction

Amazon  |  Goodreads

“When there is a bad taste in this world, allow God to create something worth dishing out.”

Bad Disciples: The Pie Night Chronicles is contemporary novel about how God can transform the taste of bitterness through a year’s worth of pie nights…one grace-served slice at a time.

Lindy Baluster is a not-so-fully-recovered cynic, in a tense marriage, with a pie to bake for her church groups’ pie night. She struggles not become like the people she dislikes. She has a bad taste about the world, and fears she is an equally bad disciple for Christ. Lindy gathers for one year’s worth of pie nights with the most unlikely characters: a detached pastor, a comedic professor, a prideful woman, and a quiet faith-warrior, just to name a few. Throughout the year, Lindy and the other pie bakers discover how God creates eternal success stories from bad disciples, and how we each find grace . . . one slice at a time.

Bad Disciples: The Pie Night Chronicles is an edgy, compact life story for brave women, moving beyond traditional pie-in-the-sky (pun intended) Christian novels and tackling relevant issues.

Bad Disciples: The Pie Night Chronicles can be read independently or with a book club. Character discussion questions are provided at the end of the novel (to be discussed over pie, of course).

My Rating: 4.5/5   (*Will be rounded up to 5/5 for Goodreads and Amazon)

Before I get into my review, I have to comment on the cover of this book.  How amazingly beautiful.  The innocence of the pearl necklace and earring, but with the woman’s head turned just enough hiding her face is so symbolic of this book and absolutely stunning.  (A fun side note, it is actually a picture of the author.)

After reading this book, it took me over a week to write my review (my apologies to the author as she patiently waited for my thoughts!).  This book is so thought provoking and self reflecting, it took me a long while to get my thoughts together.

The book is told from Lindy’s point of view.  An avid Christian, she is a mom and wife, just trying to make sense of the world around her.  Her marriage is on the rocks, as she struggles to find the man she fell in love with all those years ago.  The one thing that keeps her going is her monthly pie nights with the group of mismatched friends from her church.  When one of the group’s members ends up in the hospital, secrets from his past come out, bringing the group even closer.  They soon all realize that even though their lives and friendships are built around God, they all have their struggles to be the best they can be.  Thus, BAD DISCIPLES was born.

At times the book was a fast read, but other times I found myself reading paragraphs over just to truly grasp what was being said.  It made me sit back and reflect on my own life and current relationships.  Am I living a Christian life, or am I just being judgmental, easily annoyed, and looking at people through tainted eyes?  Maybe it’s not that people are being annoying, but maybe it’s that I’m becoming less tolerable.  Maybe I’m the one that needs to reflect more and make adjustments.

“A yuck pie will always be yuck no matter how much decoration it has on top.”

I’ve been friends with the author, Tiffany, for awhile now, and I’ve always thought her writing was beautiful.  She’s always had a way with words, the way they flow on the page is pure poetic magic.   This book is no exception.

I highly recommend this book for a thought provoking experience.  It would also be a wonderful book for discussion groups!


Meet the Author:


Tiffany Kaye Chartier writes a weekly inspirational column for several local newspapers, is a professional photographer, was a former student ministries director and a crisis intervention first responder. When she is not enjoying time with her family, Tiffany can be found brewing a good cup of tea while dancing in the kitchen.

Check out her other book: H.E.R.O. Faith here


4 thoughts on “Review: Bad Disciples: The Pie Night Chronicles @tiffanychartier #Review

  1. Amanda – I haven’t read any of her books, but the covers are very similar, and beautiful. I didn’t find this one to be too preachy. It does talk about God and trying to live life the best way possible, but it is mainly about a woman’s struggle within herself. There are some moments where I laughed out loud. I found the main character to be real more than anything. It’s free with Amazon Unlimited right now too, which is also a good thing. 🙂


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