Blog Tour/Review: Curves, Kisses, and Chocolate Ice Cream @suewatsonwriter @bookouture #blogtour #review


Dani’s on a mission to get her life back on track by the end of the Summer. Running, rowing, aerobics and more, but perhaps all she needs are sweet treats and a second chance?

Twenty years ago, Dani fled Appledore with a broken-heart and a suitcase full of shattered dreams. Only now is she brave enough to put her past behind her and return for a summer selling homemade ice-cream and getting fit by doing sit-ups by the sea.

But the new-look cafe is filled with old memories of Jude, her teenage sweetheart-turned-sour. She thinks of him every time she swirls warm sauce onto a “chocolate-bockaglory” and even with the help of Chris, her gorgeous personal trainer, the urge to break her diet is everywhere she turns.

When Jude makes an appearance at the cafe on the eve of Dani’s birthday party, history threatens to repeat itself. Is Dani strong enough to say no? And is the love she’s been longing for much closer than she thinks?

A truly delicious, laugh out loud beach read that’s guaranteed to melt your heart. Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond, Jenny Colgan and Debbie Johnson.


My Review:  4/5

After reading a very, very dark and terrifying book, Curves, Kisses and Chocolate Ice Cream was the perfect remedy.  It is a light-hearted, hilarious book that kept me laughing until the end.

It’s about Dani, an overweight and full-of-life 39 year old who works in her dream place: an ice cream parlour!  Realizing her 40th Birthday is right around the corner, and after getting a bad health report from her doctor, Dani knows some serious life changes are in order.  She joins her local gym and (after some major mishaps) finds herself getting trained personally by the gym’s owner, Chris.

As I mentioned, this book had me laughing throughout the whole thing.  Dani’s antics were hilarious.  But, she is also inspiring.  Anyone who has ever struggled with weight issues can identify with her.  It is SO hard to make the transition from eating what you want and not exercising, to eating healthy and making the commitment to getting up and MOVE!  I felt this was one of those characters where women can read about and say ‘if Dani can do it, so can I’.  I know she’s fictional, but she is also so real.

This is a great beach read and one of Sue Watson’s best!

***Thank you so much to Kim at Bookouture for asking me to be part of the tour.




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