Review – Audiobook: Erika Foster Series (#1-5) by: Robert Bryndza @bookouture @audiobook @RobertBryndza



Author: Robert Bryndza  |  Narrator: Jan Cramer

My Rating: 5/5

Before I get into my review, I want to send a HUGE thank you to Bookouture for copies of this series on Audiobook.  It has been a pleasure listening to them and I’m excited to share my thoughts.

Erika Foster.  I hear that name and automatically think of strength.  I’ve read a number of detective series and Robert Bryndza’s is one of the best.  I can easily put it in my top three.  There is suspense and anguish in every book, and just enough clues to keep you guessing the outcome.  While I liked some books better than others, it doesn’t change my mind that I highly recommend this series.

Set in London, Erika Foster is a detective oftentimes leading a team of a murder investigation.  She lives and breathes for her career, which can hinder her mostly non-existent personal life.  Originally from Slovakia, she’s been living in London for a number of years, but hasn’t made any real ties.  She is still dealing with the death of her husband two years prior on a drug raid gone wrong.  All of this makes up Erika’s struggles.  But, even though she struggles in the personal department of her life, she has a glowing track record of solving the most difficult cases.

My favorite of the books is probably Last Breath (and this book didn’t win by much!).  This one is told from different points of views, the serial killer who preys on young, beautiful females and the detectives.  The story is chilling to the bone!  After kidnapping the unsuspecting girl, the man tortures and kills each one, leaving their bodies in a dumpster.  It is so disturbing, especially during the moments when hearing it from his point of view and the pleasure he gets from torturing.  Last Breath also develops the story line of Erika and a potential love interest.  Seeing her alone all these years, I was excited to see her finally finding comfort in another person.  I love how the author adds the story line as a minor plot, always keeping the focus on the crime itself.

I’ll emphasize again that while I like every book, The Night Stalker and Cold Blood are tied for my next favorites.  Both are also told by alternating point of views (I’ve come to realize I favor this type of story telling).  Both involve female killers, and both are equally disturbing.  Mr. Bryndza proves his creativity with each book; no two stories are the same and all are intriguing until the very end.  His writing is captivating and he provides just the right amount of detail to keep you yearning for more.  There is enough recap in each book that they can ultimately be read as stand alones, but I recommend starting from the beginning and diving into each book in order.

I listened to these books on my long commute to and from work every day.  The narrator did an excellent job!  She didn’t overact, but read the story with enthusiasm.  Being American, I also loved the British accent!!

Kudos to the author for writing a series that is not only top notch, but one of my favorites.  I can only hope that Mr. Bryndza isn’t finished with Erika yet!!


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