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Cargo blurb:

Over the years Anthony Peterson has amassed a fortune, numerous properties, a trophy wife and a reputation for ruthless business dealings.  He is a man who is used to getting his own way.

But when Peterson wakes to find himself locked in a metal shipping container, with only a cell phone and twenty-four hours of air left, he begins to unravel.

Desperate to escape Peterson soon learns that there is more to the container than he first realized.  And when the kidnappers call and demand ten million dollars, while threatening to murder and rape his beautiful wife if he doesn’t comply, Peterson must fight to meet their impossible terms or face being left to die alone in the darkness.

Why has Peterson been targeted?

Who are those responsible for his kidnap?

And will Peterson make out of the container alive?

Cargo is an edge of your seat thriller about the choices we make.


Author Bio:

He began writing at a very young age and launched his professional writing career after graduating from Louisiana State University with a BA in English Literature.

His first noteworthy professional writing was in the world of entertainment journalism. He became a movie, TV, book and music reviewer which soon expanded to film history columns and celebrity interviews. Over the years, J.C. has become known in his professional life for interviewing bands such as The Cult, Judas Priest, Faith No More, The Zombies, Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry,  Queens of the Stone Age’s Nick Oliveri and KMFDM.

After writing literally thousands of articles, columns, reviews and interviews for multiple print and online magazines, J.C. published his first novel Seven Days to Die: A Jake Slater Mystery in 2016. He followed this success in 2017 with a collection of short stories and novellas entitled The Pretty Good and Pretty Representative Stories of J.C. Maçek III. This collection continues the hardboiled detective saga of Jake Slater with the new novella The Pestilence of Spring: A Jake Slater Mystery.

J.C. is also an actor, musician, director and film producer. His most recent film is [Cargo], produced by J.C. and written and directed by James Dylan. As producer, J.C. also took the commission to write the novelization to [Cargo] which will be published by Bloodhound Books in early 2018.

J.C. lives in Southern California with his wife, daughters and a veritable zoo full of pets. He is currently working on more Jake Slater crime novels starting with the thriller Hard Core and is looking to expand the mythos of [Cargo].


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My Review: 4/5

This is an exhilarating, edge of your seat book, full of suspense.  It is a very fast read that I read in a day.

Anthony Peterson wakes up and finds himself in a large cargo bin.  After receiving a phone call he learns he and his wife, Susan, have been kidnapped.  The ransom?  Ten Million Dollars must be delivered within 24-hours, or he and his wife are dead.

This book moves quickly.  It takes place in the 24 hour period, during which Anthony grasps at the ways he can gather the money together.  Luckily for him, he has memorized phone numbers and the time ticks by as his assistant and business colleague, Tom, races to gather the money quickly.

Overall I enjoyed this book.  I liked the pace and suspense of whether Anthony would make the deadline.  There is a lot of violence, and even though it didn’t bother me that much, it might bother some.

While I was rooting for Anthony to make the deadline, we soon learn that he is truly a bad person.  I was conflicted after learning the backstory of this man.  He is a manipulating, greedy businessmen that will do anything for money.  At times this backfires on him when he is reaching out for help and learns how true his ‘friendships’ are.

The writing is superb.  The author did a great job of getting inside Anthony’s head and allowing the reader to understand, and even feel, the torture he was going through.  While at times grueling and even disturbing, it was a great story.  I’m interesed in seeing how they play this out on the big screen, as it is being made into a movie.



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