Blog Tour/Extract: Our Little Secret @carrollclaudia ‏@AvonBooksUK


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Our Little Secret by Claudia Carroll!  Read below for an extract of her new book!


It was all because of that bloody A1 in English.

To explain, ever since she got caught at H&M, Darcy had been under effective lock and key, not only when she was at home, but when she was over at her dad’s flat too. Which meant there was basically shag all else for her to do but study.

And she liked English, even though Hamlet was fairly boring as plays went. But after a school trip to see Benedict Cumberbatch take on the title role in one of those ‘live events’ where you watched a link-up of the show while munching popcorn in the cinema, she was a convert. Anyone who could make those long, boring soliloquies sound as exciting as Benedict Cumerbatch did automatically had her attention.

So while Abi remorselessly taunted her for turning into ‘such a bloody swot’, Darcy would coolly answer that she was still paying the price for the whole shoplifting episode, which left her with feck all else to do but study. So that’s exactly what she did. Then by her Easter exams, to her complete shock, she’d actually done the unthinkable and come home with the most perfect report card ever seen in their house.

‘I couldn’t be more proud of you, sweetheart!’ her mum had beamed, practically doing a happy dance around the kitchen. ‘Now come on, grab your coat, I’m taking my little genius out for dinner. Anywhere you like, pet, it’s your treat and you’ve earned it the hard way.’

‘Actually, Mum, if you don’t mind, I’d sort of planned on doing something else to celebrate. If it’s OK with you, of course,’ Darcy took particular care to add politely. Baby steps and all that.

The thing was, it was the official start of her Easter holidays that Friday evening and there was a party on that she just HAD to get to. It was an absolute matter of life or death. Tony Scott’s parents were away at a fiftieth birthday, leaving him with a free house for the whole night. His two older brothers had been left in charge, but according to Tony both of them were in college and neither particularly gave a shit who he had around, providing they didn’t trash the place.

By then, Tony had been sort-of flirting back and forth with her in school for weeks and as Abi had pointed out ‘all you need to seal the deal is to get drunk, flirt a bit and let nature take its course. Simple as that, babes. Just learn from the master’.

Abi had been going out with Louis Ryan for almost a year, so whenever she deigned to dole out relationship advice, you made damn sure to listen.

‘Please can I go, Mum?’ Darcy begged. ‘It’s just that my whole class will be there tonight and I really need to let off a bit of steam. Come on, I’ve been working so hard for weeks now and you said yourself my results were as good as perfect. Don’t you think I deserve a bit of a break?’

‘Well, I suppose it wouldn’t do any harm . . .’ her mum had wavered.


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